The laboratory

Welcome to the world of the medical laboratory. It's a world of technology, science, and mystery, where medical laboratory professionals and pathologists find answers to questions that are both routine and miraculous. Does this tissue sample contain cancer? What can this woman's blood tell us about her health? Is this unborn child developing normally? Is this drug effectively stopping the infection? Why did this man die?

In the laboratory, a highly skilled team of pathologists, specialists, medical technologists and technicians work together to solve the mysteries, put the puzzles together, and answer the critical questions of medicine. More than 70 percent of medical decisions made by doctors are based on laboratory findings. In fact, the practice of modern medicine would be impossible without the tests performed in the laboratory.

Pathologists and medical laboratory professionals are the behind-the-scenes backbone of medicine. Their field of exploration covers a vast area, from human anatomy to the genetic and molecular particles that affect it. They are the researchers, the investigators, and some say the real heroes of medicine.

Laboratory procedures require an array of complex precision instruments and a variety of automated and electronic equipment. However, people who are interested in helping others are the foundation of a successful laboratory. They must be accurate, reliable, passionate about science and be able to recognise their responsibility for human lives.

For someone who chooses a career as a pathologist or laboratory professional, the exploration and the rewards are endless. (From the American Society for Clinical Pathology (tm)).