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Syzygy - February 2009 03-02-2009

In 2009, one of the major activities of the Microbiology Department will be a prospective study evaluating the clinical application of our pertussis serology assay.

Pertussis serology is an imperfect science and the correlation between results and infection (past or present) is not well described in the literature. The in-house assay currently used by SNP measures IgG and IgA antibodies against Pertussis Toxin (PT). We have used this assay for many years.

Syzygy - March 2009 03-03-2009

Most patients feel uncomfortable and embarrassed about collecting a faeces sample and presenting it to a collection centre. Collecting one specimen is usually enough of an ordeal for any patient, so getting the right specimen to the lab on time and in the right condition is the best way to avoid unnecessary repeat collections.

Syzygy - May 2009 04-05-2009
An important step towards understanding how oesophageal cancer develops has been made as a result of new research by SNP Surgical Pathologist, Dr Ian Brown.
His investigation of malignant tissue samples removed during surgery has identified as common certain cell changes seen in oesophageal cancer that were previously thought
to be rare. This is the first time this has been reported.
Syzygy - May/June 2009 22-06-2009
Update for laboratory testing of H1N1 09 (Human Swine Influenza).
Syzygy - July 2009 22-07-2009
Serum bone turnover markers CTX and P1NP are now routinely available. Assays for the serum bone markers CTX and P1NP are now reoutinely performed at Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology. CTX and P1NP are markers of bone resorption and bone formation respectively.
Syzygy - August 2009 27-08-2009

Interim report - prospective evaluation of pertussis serology update. . . .
The prospective evaluation of pertussis serology began earlier this year and continues in the middle of a significant outbreak of pertussis across the community.

Syzygy - September 2009 28-09-2009
Dr David Weedon, world-renowned dermatopathologist and head of SNP's Skin Pathology team, has just released the third edition of his pre-eminent reference and teaching text, Weedon's skin Pathology. Because of its excellence, 'Weedon' is used as a teaching text in the majority of dermatopathology training centres in the English-speaking world, and increasingly in Europe and elsewhere.
Syzygy - October/November 2009 25-11-2009
What's in a Nose? Spring is here and the year's peak season for nasopharyngeal secretions is behind us. These commonly maligned but useful substances can provide the discerning physician with a wealth of diagnostic information. However like all powerful diagnostic tools, they can provide just as much misinformation if tested inappropriately. This brief review will attempt to highlight what can and what should not be diagnosed from nasopharyngeal and nasal swabs and aspirates.
Syzygy - March 2010 03-03-2010

Dr Nick Nicolaides 1928 – 2010
When Drs John Sullivan and Nick Nicolaides opened their pathology laboratory on Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, in 1956, it was probably beyond their comprehension that their modest practice would evolve into Australia’s largest specialist pathology practice, becoming an international referral laboratory with 64 pathologists, more than 650 scientists and 2,500 staff, handling complex tests sent from as far away as London.

Syzygy - April 2010 23-04-2010
SNP Welcomes Dr James Duhig. One of Brisbane's most respected gynaecological pathologists, Dr James Duhig, has joined the practice. He is working with Dr David Papadimos and his team, bringing to 9 the total of pathologists specialising in women's health.
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