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Arterial Blood Gas 21-02-2018
Patient Test Collection Instructions

Blood for an Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) test is taken from an artery. Most other blood tests are done on a sample of blood taken from a vein, after the blood has already passed through the body's tissues where the oxygen is used and carbon dioxide is produced.

Understanding the melanoma report 28-02-2018
Doctor Bulletins

Melanoma is a malignant tumour arising from melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells of the skin. The normal function of melanocytes is to produce melanin pigment to protect the skin from ultraviolet radition. Melanoma develops when these cells go through a series of changes and proliferate without the normal cellular controls. Melanoma can develop the capacity to spread via lymphatics and blood vessels and may metastasise widely through the body.

Medicare criteria requirements for rebate 09-03-2018
Doctor Bulletins

Most pathology tests automatically qualify for a Medicare rebate; however, for some tests, Medicare requires that the patient satisfy certain clinical criteria before the rebate applies, or limits the frequency of testing, or both. Some tests do not qualify for a rebate under any circumstances.

Please note that this list is not comprehensive. A large number of specialised tests in the general areas of metabolic and molecular genetic testing, occupational health, and environmental and nutritional testing, are not included.

Medicare Rule 3 exemptions 09-03-2018
Doctor Bulletins

Under certain circumstances, Medicare Australia regulations allow a single signed request form to cover repeat testing. The table below details the maximum number of repeat tests allowed under these circumstances. Once the maximum number of tests have been reached, or 6 months have passed since the initial request, a new request form for repeat testing will be required.

Syzygy March 2018 09-03-2018

In this edition of Syzygy:

  • M. genitalium detection and resistance testing - an article by Dr Jenny Robson, pathologist-in-charge, Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
  • Changes to services for Easter 2018
  • Special request forms for skin allergy and therapeutic venesection
  • Insights into Cervical Screening Testing: CST clinical audit
Holter Monitor 14-03-2018
Patient Brochures

Holter Monitor: Information for patients

Whenever your heart beats the process is started by an electrical impulse in the top right hand corner of your heart. This impulse then travels in a diagonal direction to the bottom left hand corner of your heart and spreads to various other parts of the heart along the way causing the muscles of the heart to contract and make the heart beat.

Histamine Diet 13-04-2018
Patient Test Collection Instructions

A histamine-free diet must be maintained for the 24 hours prior to and during collection of 24 hour urine.

Semen Collection 19-04-2018
Patient Test Collection Instructions

Step by Step collection instructions.

Skin Cancer 20-04-2018
Patient Brochures

A skin cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the skin. These abnormal cells usually arise from prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can alter the genetic makeup of the cells, causing the cells to mutate. These mutated cells then continue to replicate and a skin cancer can form.

Biotin interference 23-04-2018
Doctor Bulletins

High dose biotin intake may cause interference with laboratory test results.

The potential for both endogenous and exogenous substances to produce artefactual changes in laboratory results is well recognised. Causes of analytical artefact include haemolysis, lipaemia, paraproteins, heterophile antibodies and ingested agents such as biotin (vitamin B7).

It is important to note that biotin has noeffect upon commonly requested biochemistry tests, such as electrolytes, urea, creatinine and liver function tests. For some immunoassay-based methods, however, biotin has always been a potential cause of interference with tests that use biotin-streptavidin in their matrix. Although these assays are not affected by ingestion of low-dose biotin, taking high-dose biotin prior to blood collection may cause significant interference with test results.

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