Having a Blood Test


Having a blood test can seem scary, but it doesn't have to be! Let Boo tell you all about what happens.


standard Boo

Do you need to go for a blood test?

Going for a blood test can sometimes seem scary. You don't know what is going to happen and you can't understand why you need to have it done. Well, that's what I'm here for. My name is Boo and I hope I can help you.


Your blood works really hard

Your blood has many important jobs to do. It fights disease and sickness; it gives your body food and helps to keep you warm when you are cold.

red blood cell colour


Boo Sick

When you get sick

Sometimes we get sick and our white blood cells have trouble fighting the sickness. So we have to have a blood test to see what our Doctor can do to help fight whatever is making us sick.


Take a friend!

When I go for a blood test I usually take my friend Ted. He helps me stay brave and he plays with me when I get bored.

Boo with hat and ted


collectors in uniform cartoon

Listen to the Collector closely

The collector tells me it's important to stay very, very still so it won't hurt too much. I always look at Ted and remind him to be still because sometimes he gets a bit jumpy.


Just a quick sting

The blood test feels a bit like a mosquito bite although it doesn't itch. It doesn't really hurt, just a little quick sting and then it's over!

needle wasp


Boo with hat and ted

Be really brave!

I always try to be as brave as a soldier and so does Ted. Sitting still and being brave, we try and do exactly what we are told. That way it won't take long and we can go home and play.


Finding out what's wrong

The blood is then sent to people called Pathologists (Path - Ol - O - Jists) who look through microscopes like this one. Like detectives, they investigate your blood to find out what is wrong.

Boo with microscope white background


Boo lifting weights

Getting better!!

Then your Doctor can help to make you feel much better!


Helpful Hints for Parents


  • When taking your child for a blood test it is a good idea to explain why the test is necessary and what is involved.
  • Bringing along a favourite toy (or security item) can help your child feel more comfortable.
  • Don't say it won't hurt, it will sting - just a little. Be supportive and encouraging! 
  • If your child is between 0 - 5 years, we have specific Collection Centres with staff trained especially to care for your little one.