What is Pathology? (Path - Ol - O - Gee)


Some times when you go to a doctor they need some help in working out what is wrong with you. Just like if the doctor thinks you have broken your arm and he or she sends you off to get an X-ray, a doctor can send you to a pathology collection centre or laboratory to see if they can help in finding out what is making you sick.

What is a Sample?

The doctor may need you to take some urine (wee) in a jar to the pathology centre. Other times the collectors at the pathology centre will get some blood from your arm or put a cotton bud (called a swab) in your mouth or nose.

These things are called 'samples.' There are lots of different types of samples we can get; sometimes you have to go to hospital to get a sample collected.

What Happens at the Lab?

After your samples have been collected, we have a team of drivers who take the samples to our laboratory, where scientists and doctor's called pathologists (Path - Ol - O - Jists) test the samples to see what might be wrong.

The lab gets some really strange stuff sent in sometimes, like a piece of toe nail... Yuk!!!

After looking at and testing your samples, we tell your doctor what we have found. Your doctor can then work out what to do to make you better.

Boo with microscope

Meet the Lab -


There are lots of different parts of a pathology laboratory. Click on the pictures below to meet the laboratory team.

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Biochemistry Cytogenetics Blood Bank Serology Cytology
(Bye - O - Kem - Is - Tree) (Si - Toe - Jen - Et - Ticks) (Just like it sounds !) (Sir - Ol - O - Gee) (Si - Toll - O - Gee)
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Haematology Histology Coagulation Immunology Microbiology
(Heem - A - Toll - O - Gee) (Hiss - Toll - O - Gee) (Ko - Agg - U - Lay - Shon) (Imm - U - Nol - O - Gee) (My - Kro - Bye - Ol - O - Gee)