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Logging into your new account:

On the Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology website, click on "Patient Services" and then Warfarin Care from the drop down menu - see image below.


You will be taken to the "Warfarin Care" page, scroll down to the "on-line Warfarin Care Results" information, click on the "Click Here" link - see below.

Click here to login to Online Results

This will take you to the Login Screen - see below.
Enter your User Name, this has been emailed to you shortly after you registered.
Enter your Password (this, you should have received by letter)
For Security reasons, please do not tick the "Remember Me" box (A) below.

Login window - Please dont tick the remember me box

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Terms and Conditions

Upon Successful login you will be presented with the Webster patient Terms and Conditions and a date of birth check (see below)

Read the conditions, if you agree, fill in the "Date of Birth Field" (A) and then click the "I Accept Button" (B)

Fill in DOB and click Accept button

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Changing Your Password for the first time

If your date of birth matches the patient record you will be redirected to the Webster Password page. For security, you must change your password before the system will let you proceed to view your results.

Your password must be

  • at least 8 characters in length
  • contain at least one upper case letter
  • contain at least 1 lower case letter
  • contain at least 1 number

 Recent passwords can't be re-used and passwords can't be similar to your name.

Enter old password, new password and click Submit

Enter the password you received in the "Old Password" field (A) above
Enter your new password in the "New Password" field (B) above
Enter your new password again, this time in the "Confirm Password" field (B) above
Click the "Submit" button (C) above

The next screen will ask if you agree to be bound by the "Conditions of use"
Please read the "Conditions of use" and if you agree with them, click the "Enter" button (see below)

Click enter

You will now be given access to your Dose Instructions.

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Your Dosage

Once you have read and understood your dose instructions you are required to acknowledge this. You can do so by clicking the "Yes" or "No" buttons at the bottom of the page (see below)


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Webster Features

Demographics -

Clicking on the green "i" next to the episode number (see below) will display your demographic information


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Navigation -

Clicking on the "<"  arrow (A) beside the Episode No: will take you back to the previous results
Clicking on the ">"  arrow (C) to the right of the Episode No: will take you to the most recent result
Clicking on the "i" button (B) will display your demographic information (also above)

Previous Next

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Cumulative Results -

To view cumulative results click on the "View" dropdown, and then the "Cumulative" tab (as below)
Clicking on the most recent results will take you ack to the most recent dose instructions.


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Changing your Password -

You can change your password by clicking on the "My Webster" dropdown and then the "My Password" tab - (see below)

Change Password 2

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Suggestions & Warfarin Care Patient Guide -

You can "Send a message" to Sullivan Nicolaides Warfarin Care or access the "Patient Guide" by clicking on the "Tools" dropdown and then either the "Suggestion Box" (A) or "WC Patient Guide" (B) tabs - (see below)


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Help dropdown -

Under the "Help" dropdown on the blue menu, you can select to go back to the results screen by clicking on the "Back" dropdown (A) or view the "Help" option (B) or read the terms and conditions by clicking on the "Terms" tab (C) - (see below)


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Contact Us dropdown -

To view the "Contact Us" window, you simply click on the "Contact Us" dropdown and then again click on the "Contact us" tab - (see below)

Contact us

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